A high hygiene standard is definitive for a good tattoo result

As tattoo artists we carry a great responsibility towards the people we are working with and on, when creating art on the skin. It is a responsibility we take very seriously, and therefore we take a several precautions which you can read more about in the following. We take pride in giving you a tattoo of the highest quality, both artistic and hygienic and therefore all our tattoo artists and shop managers have undergone a hygiene course, specially designed for the tattoo industry. Of course we use disinfectant / germicidal cleaning products throughout the studio and protect our tools and furniture with correct and approved disposable protection covers, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring that your tattoo is not affected by what and who we have been working with before. By extension, we have professional cleaning of the whole studio on a daily basis. Furthermore our studio is designed in accordance to the danish tattoo law §7 regarding the hygienic conditions. (Link: here and here)

Our thoroughness secures you the absolutely best result

The choice of the products used in tattooing is crucial to your safety. We only use high quality equipments and materials. All ink we use are of the highest quality and also vegan, which means that they are not tested on animals nor contain animal materials. By using only the highest quality tools, equipment, and ink, we ensure that the risk of infection and allergic reactions is reduced to a minimum. In addition, we - of course - do not use ink that have been proven carcinogenic or tested positive for harmful amounts of heavy metals. Before you are tattooed, we might ask for any allergies, medications and other special circumstances that may affect the tattooing process, to ensure you get the best results. Please let us know, or ask, if you have any medical conditions that can affect the tattooing process. The mentioned precautions are here for your safety. In some cases you might feel that we are too cautious, but be assured that it is important when we say it is. We want, as much as you, to see the tattoos stand out as best as possible. Fortunately, your health and a great end results mutually dependent. That is why we have a great guide for you regarding your preparations to your tattoo session and as well the aftercare of your tattoo (Pre- & Aftercare guide).

You have honored us with your skin as a canvas, with that honor comes our utmost focus and interest in you as well as the necessary time an precautions regarding your health

Be assure that we put great personal pride in our work and have a deep passion and respect for what we do and who we are doing it on. This is why we strive to deliver an experience, service, and a product of high quality.